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Shari Patterson

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I love podcasts…so I started one! On this project, I serve as Creative Director alongside my co-host Danielle. I produce shows, write scripts and work with an engineer to develop a pleasing audio experience. Adulting never sounded so good!


Even the best writers have mental blocks when it comes to website content. Lori wanted to begin promoting her book and needed a website yesterday. I refined her bio, wrote the site copy,

and used Squarespace to create a clean, fun website that captured her warm personality.

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Teka Marie Perry is a budding singer/song writer who uses music to encourage and strengthen women. Teka had unspecified goals and unclear ideas on how to achieve them. Together, we identified her vision, defined her brand identity, and developed a “visibility strategy” to help her connect with her fans.


Tecola is a rising interior design star on the hunt for clientele. To help her find the right clients - and bring in more cash flow - we created a client profile, a marketing strategy, and a social media management plan to showcase her sharp space-planning skills and luxurious design aesthetic.

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